Travel Photography to Ethiopia with Harry Fisch


 Ethiopia Photographic Expedition

June 1 - 13 Days - 2.090 € *    / June 15 - 9 days - 1.640€ *

* Minimum group of 6.  Prices for a group of 8 photographers


 I am now leaving for Varanasi and Katmandu. Should you require information on this trip, please visit Nomad Xpedition or mail/call Trekking y Aventura (our experienced travel agent) at  phone 0034915228681.

 This is an extraordinary expedition to Ethiopia, a territory surrounded by an aura of mystery seems to be asleep between the torrid deserts and the waters of the Red Sea. Our tour starts going south with a visit to the valley of the Omo River, undoubtedly one of the most wild and unexplored regions of Africa. The Mursi, Hamer, Karo, Bume, Konso and Omorate are just some of the tribes preserving their customs and ways of life in this region close to Mago National Park.


  • The experience of enjoying photography with intensity and accompanied by am internationally awarded professional travel photographer.
  • The “Great Rift Valley”, a large scar in the earth's crust that stretches across Ethiopia and was created 35 million years ago, forming a corridor surrounded by volcanoes and mountains .
  • The Markets Weyto and Key Afer , where we find different ethnic groups such as the Banna, the Ari and a few Hamer.
  • The Mursi, a people famous for the clay discs worn by women on their lower lips and who will undoubtedly surprise us with their customs.
  • The  Dasanech, a tribe that shares the territory between Kenya and Ethiopia, established on both banks of the Omo River, reaching south to Lake Turkana. Their main activity is agriculture. 
  • The Karo, seasonal farmers, herders and honey collectors.The Karo.
  • The stunning Chew Bet crater, from which the Borana extract salt. 

This will be an exceptional expedition...