National Geographic, how I won and lost the contest in less than one second

The "winner" photograph, later disqualified



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            It did not take long to take the winning photograph of the National Geographic Photo 2012: one seventh of a second (1/7 s in photographic terms), almost the same time it took me to lose the prize. 

This is the story of how you can climb to the highest photographic peak and fall in only 72 hours. And why you should carefully read the rules of a contest...

Just landing from my last travel photography trip with Nomad Photo Expedition and  reading the posts , I saw one  from  National Geographic. I did not hurry to open it, it could probably be an add, or the acknowledgement of the photographs I had sent at the last minute to the contest. I have to confess that, to some extend, I got excited before opening it thinking that -why not?- I possibly could  have been selected on the top ten . ..

I opened  the mail and read:

           "Congratulations! ...... Your photo was Chosen as the winner of the Places      category for the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest ...."