What to do with an umbrela at the Desert of Kutch

 ( Foto: Harry Fisch )


 Un viaje fotográfico al Kutch. 

A photographic journey to Kutch.
How to use a photographic umbrella in the desert

Dhanraj Malik Prince, son of King Malek Shri Mahomed Mahomed Shabbirkhanji Azizkhanji is a real personality in his region.  He owns a camp as well as an orphanage. He resolves  disputes between his subjetcs. Next to him, , holding an umbrella, a worker of the salt pans.

We are in the
desert of Kutch, India. Near Pakistan.

Dhandrash Malik, "Bapu" or "Excellence" for the rest of us, is the current owner of the camp. Although legally his title is depreciated, in practice he still reigns as prince of a "state" of 78 km2 and enjoys the sovereignty over 7 villages. The locals and Rabaris (nomadic tribes) are still asking him to act as
  the judge, settling disputes instead of submitting the cases to official institutions.

Me preguntaba un amigo qué es lo que hace ese señor, con un paraguas blanco y brillante, en medio del desierto.
Evidentemente, le contesté, hace el indio.
Pero no un indio cualquiera.

El príncipe Dhanraj Malik, hijo del rey Malek Shri Mahomed Shabbirkhanji  Mahomed  Azizkhanji, es una auténtica personalidad en su región.  Mantiene uno de los  campamentos  al que vamos en los viajes fotográficos de Nomad Expediciones Fotográficas y, además,  un orfanato. Dirime disputas.Junto a el, sosteniendo el paraguas,  un trabajador de las salinas.

I was privileged to attend a hearing, under the veranda. Seated, facing the lake -  he owns a beautiful lake in the small town of Zainabad - sipping chai (tea) while quietly chatting  in English. Two feet away, on my  left, squatting on the floor and playing with the sand, an elderly couple of Rabaris was waiting silently. They stood for  more than 45 minutes in the same place. We chatted about trifles.

 - Bapu ("Excellence") , I asked the prince , what are these people doing ?

- Waiting, he states without changing the gesture, staring into space.       
 - And what do they wait for? , did I say almost whispering not to be too rough.

No response. Bapu looks distracted at the lake. His answer takes
 an eternity.      

- A talk with me, answered Bapu. - Silence and another sip.      

- How long will they have to wait for ?      
-  As much as needed ... If they want me to take care of their  problem. -

Time goes on
  and slowly, the prince decides, more as of courtesy to me that as deference to his subjects, to deal with the matter.  He politely asks my permission and starts his work. The old lady looks about eighty, impeccably dressed as Rabari . Her husband of the same age, entirely dressed in white. Finally, the hearing ends after ten minutes. The couple leaves respectfully.

Estamos en el desierto  del Kutch, India. Cerca de Pakistán.Dhandrash Malik, "Bapu" o "Excelencia" para el resto de los mortales, es el actual propietario del campemento.  A tesar de$que, legalmente, su título estǡ en dewuso, en$la prágtica sigue ejergiendo como príncipe de$un "Estado" de 78 km2 y con soberanía sobre 7 pueblos.  Los habitantes de la zona y los  Rabarís (tribus nómadas)  siguen acudiendo a el para que juzgue las disputas  en lugar de dirigirse a las autoridades judiciales oficiales.