My three Fuji X cameras on a photo tour : 10 things I like about them


My three Fuji X cameras on a photo tour : 10 things I like about them (Part 1)

Published in FUJI X. Scoop-it Magazine

I organize photo tours and I own three Fuji cameras: the X-100, the X-Pro1 and an EX. I recently purchased a Nikon D-600. I love the Fuji X-Pro1 and my only regret to this day is the fact  that it can’t be the only camera I use in my work.

With the Fuji X-Pro1 I won (and then lost) the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest and ended up as a finalist of the Sony World Photography Awards , besides two Juror Awards of Merit at the Grand Prix de la Découverte 2013. I really cannot speak ill of the camera...

Why, after twenty years of staying put, am I selling a Canon 5D, buying three Fujis and then a Nikon? It's been something gradual and from my point of view, something necessary.

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Harry Fisch.- Boxers. Award of Merit. Grand Prix de la Découverte 2013

The Fuji X-100.- An Experiment.

The X-100 was an experiment. I needed a second camera, something lightweight and compact that would allow me a totally manual mode with a high-quality optical viewfinder for a photo tour to Benares. I could not afford a Leica and much less a range of lenses of that brand. I was fed up, sore and tired with the weight of the 5D and its lenses. Travel photography usually involves different stages, transfers. Weight is an important factor and I dreamt of reducing the weight of my traveling backpack.