Photography trip to Varanasi Katmandu with Harry Fisch

March 3 departure Delhi-Varanasi. 6 days / 7 nights 1.185 € *. Kathmandu Valley , 4 days / 6 nights 690 € *
* Fees for a group of 8 photographers. Local flights included. International flights non included. See the terms and financial conditions in our website.

A Nomad Photoxpedition trip is organized by​  an expert and experienced photographer, a specialist in travel photography,  using local knowledge of the place and people in order to permit us access to more intimate experiences and worlds.​ Our itineraries are orientated towards more special and authentic experiences, giving preference to local surroundings and experiences.

An incredible photographic experience

We start our photographic journey in Delhi exploring the old Chadni Chowk. We will leave for  Varanasi, the historic  Kashi, the oldest inhabited city in the world.
We will get to know a different Benares to the one other tourists see. A peaceful, tranquil city with time to enjoy our stay in contrast to the hustle and bustle of Shamans, boatmen, pilgrims, cows, tourists, barbers, and fake Sadhus.
In Nepal, we will stay overnight not in Katmandu itself but in Bakhtapur, a quiet extraordinary locations  and will enjoy sunset and sunrise in the best photographic locations possible, taking advantage of the special light. We will witness the prayers of the faithful, and appreciate the city and its fascinating streets.The place where the Sadhus sleep before their daily activity. We will see the Himalayas and meet in our daily wanderings the Sherpa, Chettris and Newaris tribes, as well as the Rais, Limbus, Tamangs and Magars.

We recognize photographic opportunities

If you want to have a glimpse of what we could see during this expedition, please have a look at the following entries of the  Nomad Photoxpedition blog

Sharpen your photographic vision

Photographers of all levels are wellcome​​
This is an  expedition with a maximum of 8 people. Most of the time the group will be divided into smaller groups. Notwithstanding our educational vocation, we understand that photography is a personal act and an  intimate relationship between the photographer and the subject.
We will undertake a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical advice  in  order to attain a better understanding on what draws the eye  and how to enhance the element that attires our attention allowing us to converse on a daily basis about technical problems, doubts or personal matters as they arise.

Nomad Photo Expedition, the pace of each trip, dedication to one or another issue and / or region, are designed by Harry Fisch through his experience in the regions, documents and accounts of other travellers and relationships established throughout the year in various destinations. Travel arrangements, logistics, support, and all aspects of insurance, in accordance with current Spanish legislation, as all related to the  activity of the Travel Agent is sole responsibility of Trekking y Aventura,  Official Travel Agency No 1038
Due to the nature of this expedition, the  program may  occasionally vary. We deal with people and different situations, and  can not always guarantee that  the subjects will be on  place or that they will be willing to pose.  New photographic opportunities may arise and the leader of the group could take the decision  of a change.

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