Un Brahmin de Karnatka, realizando sus rezos matinales

A Brahmin from Karnatka, doing his morning prayers at Benares. by Harry Fisch
Un Brahmin de Karnatka realizando sus rezos matinales (foto:Harry Fisch)


I sat with camera on a step next to Dasaswamedh Ghat. Early in the morning. One of my daily walks.

On the foreground a Brahmin - I later got to know that he was coming from Karnataka - was doing his morning prayers. While I was taking my pictures a man in red approached and warned me: " When I will be praying ,don't take pictures". I nodded and kept with my pictures. To my surprise, five minutes later another man -dressed in white- came to me:

- "Who are you taking in your pictures", he asked.

- "The man on the foreground "
- "!Well, he is my father"
- I showed the LCD from my camera, "Oh, I am being quite respectful", I said.

We started talking. I finally met the Brahmin, through his son, a bright young Civil Engineer on pilgrimage to Varanasi . Father and son were dressed in a very traditional way, only for their prayers....

I had later the opportunity to meet the rest of the family we shared pictures. They wanted to have the picture of a Spanish tourist with them in Benares..

Here following a very good description of Benares by Smithsonian Magazine:

"At six in the morning, the alleys of old Varanasi gleam with last night's rain. One path just wide enough for two men to walk abreast leads past shops down to the holy river Ganges. It's barely sunrise, but the alleys are already in chaos. Men jostle women, women jostle fat bullocks, bullocks narrowly avoid stepping on children. Everything is for sale – small bottles of holy Ganges water, larger bottles of branded mineral water, tiny figurines of the Lord Shiva, whose town this is. Tourists, almost invariably wearing colourful harem pants, brush shoulders with locals."

Read more: www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/The-Holy-City-of-Varanasi.h...